Fad diet this, fad diet that...Blah, blah, blah..This is the UN-DIET diet!

Any of these sound like YOU?

Cranky, exhausted and depressed • Tired • Digestive issuesHolding on to excess weightTried a gazillion fad diets… but nothing seems to stick?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

   The saying goes, "You are what you eat," and lots of us have been eating too much junk! BUT what if eating right didn't HAVE to be hard or complicated? What if there's a way to be a NEW YOU without all the monotony, deprivation and boredom?

  • Welcome to the NEW YOU!
    With the How Clean Eating Can Change Your Life workshop you will discover how to finally change your life.
    We're going to delve into the nutritional world of Whole Foods.
    Whole foods = NEW YOU.

    I'll be sharing with you:
    • What the heck to eat and how to keep it simple. • What foods to incorporate and what to moderate or remove to stay balanced.• How whole foods can change your energy, mood and ultimately your life!
    You can lose weight, boost and balance your mood, have better digestion, more energy, and added benefit - your skin will glow and so much more! 

Clean Eating is not a diet - it's the UN-DIET!

There’s a big difference between dieting and completely re-balancing every single aspect of your life and ensuring that you are getting the best of every single thing you put in your mouth. 
How many times have you put your all into a diet but seen no results? 
You know, the one where you calorie count, sacrifice those yummy cookies, exercise but you are still not dropping those pounds, yet you still have energy problems and hormone and digestive issues!

Clean Eating is a lifestyle change. And it is a change for the better.

It's very hard to take the time to understand what packaged and processed foods do to our bodies. Toxins that can build up over time, become harmful and alter your mind, body and soul.
Shorten the learning curve and have fun while doing so with this workshop. 
You'll get the steps, tools, and strategies to finally get you off the crazy train of fad and yo-yo dieting, food/eating confusion, anxiety and sugar cravings. 
Eating should not feel stressful and restrictive. It should make you and your body FEEL GOOD.
My favorite book says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”
I would like to bestow my knowledge of these health-changing whole foods and these life-giving strategies to you, plus simple ways to alter your lifestyle to optimize your health and LIFE!
I am super excited to deliver to you this fantastic training where we discuss how to finally get rid of FAD DIETS, calorie counting and all those yucky things!  
And most importantly how you will begin to feel and look amazing - and obtain unbelievable results!   
See you there!


Included in this amazing workshop:

    what clean eating actually is
    how to switch to more whole foods simply
    a mini session on toxins and how they affect your hormones - and alter your mood
    what foods sabotage positive results
    information-packed handouts to keep as resources to keep you on track
    a 3-day recipe guide so you can jumpstart your new lifestyle
    PLUS a sampling of delicious, whole non-boring foods!

Ready to for the NEW YOU? Join now!



10 AM - 12:30 PMOctober 12, 2019
St Giles Church, 5200 Grove Ave, Richmond, VA 23226